Line "Tieni il passo"

Design and production by Marzia Ricchetti

The "Tieni il passo" line, despite the name, may seem to be in contrast with modernity since it consists of bookmarks, while books are going into disuse, replaced by tablets and e-books; ital so includes picture frames and notes which seem to exist in electronic form only, yet…
We are those who still like the scent of paper, who like to hand touch books or to be captured by an image at a mereglimpse of it.
The "Tieni il passo" line is present and modern: only recyclable materials are used with maximum respect of nature and of the environment, employing sometimes paper which would be normally destined to waste.
"Tieni il passo" links past and present.
Great versatility of the articles: large variety of colours and insertion of any image of the Museum. "Tieni il passo" line: handmade, customizable, eco-friendly and recyclable articles. The products of the line "Tieni il passo" are a long term advertising mean.